Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Student Voice - Alliy Green '14

How did a Coloradan find herself up in Washington at PLU?  Well it was based on how beautiful Washington is, truthfully. It’s strange because Colorado is just as beautiful, but Washington captured my heart. When I toured PLU, I was sold; I knew where I was going. And now today I am someone I never thought I would be: a budding artist.

Of course college life rarely happens the exact way you plan it, and if it does, there might be some twist you didn’t expect. Coming to PLU I thought I was going to be a high school history teacher. As life would have it, I am now getting a BFA in visual arts and going into PLU’s education program to get a master’s in teaching. None of this would have happened if I had gone to another school. Choosing PLU based on the state it is in, and the fact that it has a good education program, ultimately set me up to be in a school where I can grow and discover my true passion.


PLU is wonderful. It has given me the opportunity to be involved in so many different departments and areas of thinking.  Events I never thought I would encounter show up frequently and can lead to something that feels like it was only meant for me. One of the best things about an uncharted future was the fact that I found myself working at one of the best places for my future. 

Coming to PLU, my plans never included working on campus. However when I needed a job, I applied to several places and soon found myself working as a Student Employment Assistant.  Finding this job has been one of the biggest blessings I have had since I’ve been attending PLU. Since Student Employment is in Ramstad Commons, it is connected with other departments. Officially it is under the umbrella of what is known as Career Connections - this includes career planning, internships, volunteering, and student employment. The wonderful thing is that while I work in one department I share an office with several different departments and, I believe, some of the most important departments on campus.

College is a key and I believe at Career Connections they show you how to use that key to unlock your own potential and your future. The best part is how personable everyone who works in Career Connections is. Every single day I work I know I am going to be met with genuine smiles and people who not only are happy to see me, but happy to see me succeed in life. One of the really wonderful things I get to see is a student coming in to use the resources Career Connections offers! Students come in for a variety of reasons such as resume drop-in hours, questions about internships, mock interviews, and even tips on how to apply for jobs on campus. Working at Career Connections, I cannot help but feel a sense of joy watching the staff working to help students out. The passion they have working with me is the same passion they have with all the students that come in. While I never planned to work on campus, let alone as a student assistant, it has shown me how great my own potential is. Amongst the day-to-day schoolwork, the office is such an uplifting place. I hope all students, whether they have a chance to work in the Ramstad Commons or not, come and visit because of the atmosphere the staff provides. Even if a student just drops in and grabs M&Ms, they will be welcomed into our office and my hope is that while they are there, they’ll sign up to unlock their future potential.

Alexandra Green Senior - 2014 MFA in Visual Arts Student Employment Assistant From Colorado