Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Student Voice - Domenic DeSoto '16

As I went through high-school, I actively crafted an idea about what I wanted my college experience to look like. While I had this image, I also had no idea where to start when college brochures began to flood my mailbox. Being from Denver, Colorado, the first time I heard the acronym PLU was when seeking advice from a favorite teacher of mine: a 2002 PLU graduate. He described his experience of a Lute community where students were involved, inspired, and welcoming. While all college brochures may use these trigger words, my teacher was able to provide countless examples. He had a way of selling the school just by sincerely delivering his message. From there, I decided that PLU was a serious contender in the college search and the rest is history. As an experienced second-year Lute, I can see why my teacher spoke so passionately about his college home.


Academically, I have never been in a place quite like PLU, which cultivates open-mindedness and welcomes challenge. While my major, biology, may seem like a very cut and dry subject, my professors and fellow peers have a way of keeping my intrigue for the subject alive.  Going to class is not a chore but instead is an opportunity to think about how the world works and how it can be improved. The liberal arts approach allows for exploration into other fields which supplement your education. I think the PLU student’s desire to learn is the foundation for such a strong academic society.

In addition to academics, PLU has allowed me to do what I love on a consistent basis. As a singer, I knew I would have plenty of opportunities campus-wide to perform. This semester I am a new member of PLUtonic, one of the university’s premiere acapella groups, as well as a returner to this semester’s Night of Musical Theatre Show. While both of these are student-run organizations, the products are consistently professional and well-known. I also will have the chance to study away this spring semester in the United Kingdom. I can’t wait to experience education globally and bring these experiences back to campus.

I also work a few jobs on campus which has helped me grow as a professional prior to placement in the working world. Being a Student Intern for The Office of Alumni and Constituent relations has provided me a unique visual into the internal operations of the university. I am able to connect with many alumni, parents and friends of the university at events such as Homecoming and Family Weekend. I enjoy sharing stories with these Lutes, and time after time I am witness to the same passion for PLU that first turned me toward the school. As an Orientation Guide this year, I also worked with the brand new Lutes as they came into college full-swing. It is exciting to know that they, too, will soon come to learn what this university is all about.  My experience as an OG lead me to an opportunity to be a Late Night Programmer with Student Involvement and Leadership, and I am eager to delve into that.

As a sophomore, I am excited to continue the life of a Lute for many years to come. Once a Lute Always a Lute.