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coriCori DeVerse '14

For years before I was able to apply, I was aware of PLU. Not, like many people, because I had family that went here but because my friends and mentors were students at PLU. It did not take long after searching through brochures for me to realize that PLU was the place I wanted to be, my thought being that if my friends and mentors were the standard of student and person that PLU wanted, then that was the place I want to spend four years.  Now, entering my senior year, I am still confident I made the right decision.

As a Theatre major I have had a different experience at PLU than most. Instead of just looking back and remembering the long nights in the library I will remember the countless nights in the theatre rehearsing, working on lights, and building props. Instead of just looking back at the help a professor gave me on an essay I will remember the one-on-one audition coaching I received.

The Theatre Program at PLU is wonderful because the students get the opportunity to do anything and everything they want. Even though my emphasis is in Acting and Directing, I have gotten the chance to design costumes and props and help build sets, which is not a possibility at many other schools. Along with a terrific Theatre Department, the General University Requirements of a liberal arts education helped me become a better student and person. This well-rounded education is something I believe is one of PLU’s best attributes.

I am confident that the people I have met at PLU and the programs I have participated in have helped to make me the person I am today and will continue to help me as I move forward after I graduate. I am happy to say the culmination of my time at PLU has led me to be the Director and President of Night of Musical Theatre, a student run club focusing on uniting music and theatre, under which I was given the opportunity to write and compile my own musical review that will be performed in the new Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

This summer I worked as the On the Road Coordinator for Orientation 2013 and will be finishing that work as classes begin. This school year I will be working for the Theatre Department as their Office Manager and I will also be working as a Commuter Community Assistant in the CAVE. I am extremely excited for my senior year here at PLU and for all of the opportunities I have in my in my future.