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Roommate Reminder

In early August your student will receive their roommates name and contact information.

Getting to know their new roommate is where a collegiate experience begins. One of the first steps in this experience is for them to contact their new roommate. We strongly encourage them to contact their roommate before arriving on campus. To help them get to know one another, we have provided a few conversation starters:

  • What do you do for fun?
  • What’s your intended major?
  • What are you interested in doing/studying?
  • How should we set up our room and/or decorate?
  • Should we bunk or loft the beds?
  • What should we bring? Do we have a T.V.? Mini-frig? 
  • How do you feel about sharing these items?
  • How clean do you like the room?
  • What is your class schedule like?
  • Is there anything I should know about you?

FriendsIt is also useful for your student to think about how they would respond to these questions, since it is likely their roommate will be wondering the same things!  Remember it is best for them to be honest with their roommate and with themselves.  Avoid giving answers you think your roommate wants to hear; it will only increase the chance of conflict in the future.

It’s okay for your student to Facebook their roommate but avoid making snap judgments, first impressions may not be accurate. It is important for them to think about what image their profile is portraying; is this how they want to introduce themselves to their future roommate?

Questions? – Contact the Office of Residential Life

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