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Time to Start Thinking Textbooks

If your student hasn’t already purchased textbooks, now is the time.  Garfield Book Company, the official PLU bookstore, is the most convenient resource for purchasing your textbooks. By shopping early you get the best selection of new, used, and rental options for your courses.  Buying textbooks doesn’t have to be daunting or challenging.  Garfield Book Company’s excellent service makes getting your student’s textbooks quick, easy and affordable.

Accuracy and Availability: Two reasons to shop Garfield Book Company.
Accuracy - The Right Book. 
We guarantee that the books you buy are the ones you need for the class and offer a generous return policy in the event of a schedule change.  No worrying about getting the right edition or if that online code or CD your instructor wanted will be included. 

Availability - Right Here, Right Now.
At the start of the term we have a wide selection of competitively priced used books and a full range of new titles. They are on the shelf and you know what you're getting at the time of purchase.

At the Garfield Book Company at PLU, we pre-order our books based upon the number of people enrolled for the course. So your books--the ones you need--are here on campus, waiting for you. In the rare event of a shortage, we will work with our suppliers to quickly get additional copies. In most cases, these books will arrive within 3 days. 

Sorting through your options

  • Purchase your books in-store.  Our friendly staff is always happy to guide you to the right books for the courses your student is taking.  Not sure what classes they’ve registered for?  With their student ID# and birthday we can look up their courses as well as required texts.  Don’t forget that Garfield Book Company will also be open early at 8am Sept. 2nd-10th to make it even easier to shop.
  • Purchase books anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week online. Our website will help you look up your required textbooks by student ID# or by course number and make it easy to quickly identify what books you need and add them to your shopping cart. Books can be shipped to you directly or made available for pick up in the store.
  • Can’t make it into the store, but don’t want to make the purchase online?  We’re always happy to assist you with a phone order toll free at 1-800-727-5566 or locally at 253-535-7665.  No fees, no hassle.
  • Renting textbooks is a great option if you know your student will not want to keep their books.  Renting texts can save you up to 80% off of new retail prices.  Our partner rental program can be accessed online 24 hours a day seven days a week.  All online rental orders are shipped conveniently to your location.

Save $$ with Garfield Book Company’s Loyalty Program
We value our customers at Garfield Book Company and our Loyalty Program is meant to reward you for your business.  Each time you make a purchase as a member of our Loyalty Program you’ll be awarded a stamp for every $5 you spend.  When you’ve spent $100 we’ll give you a free $15 gift card good for anything in the store, yes even next term’s textbooks and it never expires!  Students have found that they get up to $90, sometimes even more, in rewards simply by shopping at Garfield Book Company.

Textbook Return Policy
We know that plans change, mistakes are made, and there are many good reasons to return a textbook.  Unlike many universities who require proof of a dropped class for any return, charge a restocking fee, or otherwise penalize you for returning your books, Garfield Book Company’s return policy is generous and allows for flexibility. Students have 5 days after the date of purchase to return their book for any reason at all.  This gives students flexibility if they picked up the wrong book, changed classes or no longer need the book.  Also, all books are returnable in the event of a dropped class until the official drop date (Sept. 19th for Fall 2011) with proof of the dropped class.  After the drop date, all textbook sales are final.  An original receipt is required for all returns.

Buyback: Cash for Books
As a service to our students we’ve partnered with a national textbook wholesaler to setup a textbook buyback at the end of each term.  Buyback is a program that allows students to sell their textbooks at the end of the term for a wholesale price, giving students cash for their used books.  The price that a student is paid for a book depends on the buying list that the company is working with, the condition of the book and the market price for used editions of that book.  All students must show a valid PLU ID card to participate in our buyback programs.  Buyback for Fall 2011 has been set for December 12th-17th during finals week.

Buyer Beware
Though there may be other ways to purchase or rent textbooks, be aware that there are many disadvantages when purchasing or renting from a third-party.  Many textbooks are listed online incorrectly leaving you with the wrong edition or even missing pieces (i.e. a CD that was included with the original text, or an online code that has already been used and expired.)  Think through the return process when purchasing.  If your student drops a class, buys the wrong books, or needs to withdraw from the University, what will your return options be for the expensive textbooks you’ve purchased?  Consider the time it takes to receive in a book that has been purchased through a third-party.  All too often we hear stories of students who ended up purchasing two copies of the same book because when ordering online their order was not shipped in a timely manner or was out of stock and backordered.  Shopping at Garfield Book Company, which is a not-for-profit store owned and operated by PLU, can save you the stress of these and other hassles.