Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Student Voice - Danielle Cryer '13

Having attended PLU for three full years so far, I can say that it has become a lifelong home to me. I began my college career at a different school, and quickly saw that it was not the place I belonged. Many of my family members (grandparents, mom, aunts and uncles, sister, and brother-in-law) attended PLU, so though I wanted to take my own path at first, I realized PLU might be the right choice for me as well.

Soon after transferring, I knew that PLU could help me grow into an informed, independent, and socially responsible individual. I was no longer seen as just another student ID number. Staff and faculty began to learn my name, ask how I was doing, and appreciate and respect my opinions. I started making connections with professors who are well-respected individuals of the community, and who could help me to be the best student possible.

If found on campus, it’s more than likely I am in one of the studio arts rooms working on my classes for my Studio Art major, or in the Center for Community Engagement and Service where I work as the Public Relations Coordinator and Designer. This job has given me countless opportunities to connect with the local community and to volunteer my time to those in need. It has also given me a great real-life work experience that is customized to my strengths.

It is not only the classes and work at PLU that give me an enriching life experience. The Tacoma area has a very unique community that has pride about its future. It strives to support local people, businesses, and agriculture. This focus on sustainability is well reflected at PLU. Another reason why I love this area is the gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery. Just walking onto campus on a misty morning with the green trees and the bright red bricks is worth going here.

Overall, the abundance of opportunities open to me, an enriching academic experience, and the unique beauty of the area and community make my PLU experience well-rounded. I am very glad I chose to continue my education here, and look forward to finishing my degree in a place I cherish so much.