Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

The Counseling Center at PLU is a vital student support service designed to help maintain students’ mental well-being so they can focus on academic success. Our staff consists of four full-time and licensed Psychologists, one part-time Clinical Intern, and one part-time, licensed Psychiatrist.

The college years are very exciting times in life. It can be a very emotional, confusing, and stressful time as well. Students are going through a wide range of emotions and normally experience academic stress, trouble adjusting to college life, relationship ups and downs, homesickness, and are trying to find their own identities as adults. Many of our students recognize that seeking counseling is a sign of strength and want to maintain a healthy sense of mental well-being. During the 2010-2011 academic year, about 12% of the current PLU student body received some type of counseling service.

To get started, students can call, email, or drop by our office.   We offer two different types of services. First, we offer regular, ongoing therapy sessions. This consists of one initial 60-minute “Intake” appointment, followed by regular sessions of varied lengths and intervals. Since we serve over 400 students, all our counselors generally keep full schedules and the initial appointment may be scheduled 1-2 weeks away.

The second type of appointment we offer is our Walk-In Consultation. This is a same-day, drop-in consultation where students can talk with a counselor for an abbreviated session. The Walk-In is generally a one-time service for students but can be utilized to “try out” counseling, problem-solve one issue, or help a student wait for their next appointment if an important issue comes up. We offer the Walk-In service between 2 and 3pm every weekday except Thursdays, when it is from 9-10am. There is also an additional session on Tuesdays from 11-Noon. Sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis.  

It is very important that parents understand that counseling is a confidential service and we have many policies in place that help keep students’ information private. Since our students are adults, we need written permission from them in order to give any information to a third party. This includes parents, other family members, outside medical providers, and even other PLU faculty and staff. If you as a parent want information about your student’s counseling, it is best if you ask your student directly. We respect students’ privacy just as any other medical or counseling office does. This also means students can only make their own appointments, and we cannot approach students whom others think are in need of counseling. The student must initiate contact with us. Once a student contacts us about counseling, we are happy to help. 

We offer many types of resources as well. We have a variety of self-help pamphlets and local community resources in our office and on our website.

If you feel your student is in need of counseling, encourage them to come see us. PLU and the Counseling Center are committed to the well-being of students and we strive to provide the support they need to succeed.