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Student Voice - Ian Metz

Ian Metz“I want to become a specialized physician or surgeon after completing the pre-med track.” When first coming to PLU, I became quite comfortable rattling off this answer to the typical question of, “what’s your name and what is your major or post college plans?” Needless to say, I have developed a significant amount over the past three years and since then, discovered what I feel is the purpose of my one wild and precious life. Now instead of affecting change through the medical field, I seek to do so within the political realm.

A far cry from what I initially entered PLU hoping to do, I am currently a junior Political Science and Global Studies double major with a focus on state level politics and “Responses to International Violence and Conflict.” Additionally, I have been working in Olympia as a Grassroots and Legislative Coordinator, an experience further enhanced via internship credits at the university. I would not have arrived at this point in my academic and political career if I had not been given the opportunity to take a spring Social and Political Philosophy class. It was here that I first came to terms with my true passion: politics and discourse. The small class and phenomenal professor both allowed for extensive discussion and debate surrounding different philosophical and political matters, which are topics that I have always enjoyed. Through this course I was given the inspiration and tools to begin exploring my realization that this was something I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

This “change of heart” is one of the major reasons why I have adopted PLU as my home and why I love being a student here. I am constantly challenged to question my beliefs and values in order to become more engaged in the process of my own personal development and growth. Prior to making those life decisions though, I chose to come to PLU after my first time stepping foot on campus. I recall visiting as a high school senior and immediately sensing a certain vibe from the people milling about. There were Lutes on longboards cruising around, slack-lining, playing Frisbee, and jamming on guitars. I felt as if I fit right in, that this was where I was meant to be and it was that moment that I knew I wanted to be a part of this community.

Recently, I have taken that initial sense of belonging and community to even greater heights by being elected as the Student Body President for the 2012-13 academic year. The opportunity to serve the students that have so warmly welcomed me into their community is one that I am absolutely thrilled to be taking, even if it was something I would never have dreamed of upon entering PLU. My role as President is unique in that I am now the face and voice of our students, a fact that cannot be forgotten and one that should be upheld to the best of my abilities. This is my opportunity to continue creating an experience that makes others come to our campus and think, “These are my people and this is a community that I aspire to be a part of.”

Based on my experience at PLU, I have come to the realization that in order to truly bring my one wild and precious life to fruition, I needed to be challenged and inspired, something this community, these people, and this university has done without fail. As I continue serving my term in office and ultimately my life journey, I look forward to sparking a fire within others to discover their true passions and actualize their “one wild and precious life.”

Written by Ian Metz, ASPLU President