Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

PLU Alert

A new campus emergency notification program for faculty, students and staff was launched in September.

PLU Alert! will inform the community of emergency incidents on or near campus in real time by sending:

  1. Text and voice messages to cell phones
  2. Voice messages to work phones
  3. Emails to PLU email addresses

It is not necessary for your student to sign up to receives these emergency messages. Their Banner personal and professional contact data will be uploaded to the emergency message system at the beginning of each semester.

In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of the campus community, messages may be sent almost simultaneously to cell phone text and voice, work phone voice, and PLU email addresses.

An emergency message from PLU will always begin with “PLU Alert”. The message will briefly describe the emergency, suggest a course of safe action and refer them to sources of further information.

When a life-threatening emergency is unfolding in real-time a message will be sent. For instance, a credible bomb threat might warrant a message. Messages will not be sent for routine campus information.

Individuals who receive emergency messages are expected to use “word-of-mouth” to tell others what is happening and what to do. Students are also encouraged to check for emergency updates on the university website.

Up Date

To ensure that your student receive emergency messages where they want them, they will need to check Banner to see that their contact information is current by visiting They will need to click on “Enter Secure Area”, log into Banner, click on “Personal Information”, to view or edit their contact information.

Opt Out

If your student does not wish to participate in this program they may opt out by selecting “Notifications and Preferences”, then “PLU Alert Emergency Notification Preference” and then selecting the “Update PLU Alert Emergency Notification Preference” at the bottom of the page. If they change their mind,they may opt back in at any time.