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PLU Football: EMAL....Every Man a Lute*

The Master Keys to Peak Performance can be found in the L from our acronym EMAL

The L in EMAL stands for L U T E S

L – Loves the Game of Football

…Passion-in-Action…Loves and appreciates all that football demands to compete at a highly competitive level. EMALS play the game the right way…Aggressive / Confident / Disciplined / Resilient / Smart / Selfless / Fast / Fearless / and for each other.

U – Uncommon

…Effort, Attitude, and Preparation. EMALS are Men of Action. Living out excellence ‘is on’ 24/7 in the choices made daily. We adopt a habit of thought that this is the ‘Big Time’…not a place - but a state of your heart. It’s a Lifestyle

T – Total Release

…Giving it your Best Shot. Making a Greater Individual Commitment. Compete without fear motivated by what we have been privileged and gifted with…EMALS are self-starters and work to close their potential-performance gap though goals, affirmations and perseverance.

E – Enjoys the Trip

…Understands that success is the road – not the road to success. The end is not the goal…the road is the goal! EMALS enjoy the time with teammates, makes memories, and welcomes the lessons that football provides.

S – Servant Warrior

…Has a humble heart to serve others. Lives in the ‘windowroom’…EMALS are all about the Double Win: bringing out the best in their teammates as well as themselves. We really do need each other if we are going to reach our team potential.


*Please note - EMAL refers to a football team member not to PLU students as a whole