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Student Voice - Andrew Buttz '15

Andrew Buttz '15

Being from Spanaway, Washington and moving to Parkland (a very long, excruciating 5 minute commute) when I got accepted at PLU, I assumed I wouldn’t experience anything different than I had before since I had lived in the area all my life. Little did I know I would be exposed to a whole new world. I originally came to PLU because it was close, I knew people who had gone there and loved it, and PLU has an awesome natural science department.

My first year at PLU was great. The faculty really cared to get to know me and cared about my progress at PLU, not just in their class. Everyone was also really nice and friendly and just as scared of meeting people as I was. Adjusting from a high school workload to a college workload was difficult. I assumed that since I only had four classes in college compared to the six I had in high school, I’d manage the workload with ease and come out without breaking a sweat. I came to PLU wanting to major in Chemistry, leaning towards pre-medicine. I didn’t take general chemistry in my first year, but I did take a political science class and loved it. Over the course of the year, I struggled with making sure I had enough time for homework, a social life, and sleep. Towards the beginning of second semester I finally adjusted and was able to juggle all three successfully.

One thing I didn’t do, but wished I would have, was get really involved on campus. The main thing I wanted to get involved with this year was building community. Toward the end of my first year I decided to apply for a position with Residential Life as a Resident Assistant. The application process was long and nerve-racking, but it was totally worth it. Not only did I grow and start to think about who I am and what my personal values are (which is a huge focus here at PLU), I met more awesome people.

Now beginning my sophomore year here at PLU, I’m more involved. I’m a returning RA in Pflueger Hall on lower campus between Foss and Tinglestad. I’m also taking 16 credits while serving as a Student Intern with the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations. This semester is a huge transition for me: from being a scared first year with no extra commitments to a confident sophomore committed to changing the experience of others, as well as my own, for the better. This year I hope to see the community come together in Foss and Pflueger, and to build relationships with my Residential Life staff, residents of Foss and Pflueger, and with my fellow staff in the Nesvig Alumni Center.