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Garfield Book Company: Your Choice for Used Textbooks

Garfield Book Company carries an excellent selection of used books. Our access to the biggest used book dealers in the industry means that we are able to carry used copies for the majority of textbooks. This reduces the cost of textbooks for students, offering a cost-competitive option for students who want to buy their books without the risks involved with purchasing on outside websites.

Garfield Book Company also works closely with Faculty to carry their required textbooks as soon as possible making it easier to get your books.  One of the best things about purchasing your books from the books store is our Buyback program to buy used books for the next term, meaning PLU students get cash value back out of their textbook at the end of the term and that savings is passed on to students the next term!

We have a generous return policy. Should you need to return your books for any reason, we allow you to do so for up to 5 days after classes start (Fall’s final return date is September 10th) with just a receipt. If you decide to drop the course after this date, you can bring in your drop form and a receipt until 2 weeks after the start of class (September 19th).