Office ofAlumni and Constituent Relations

Send a Smile

Give your Lute a monthly treat of freshly baked cookies. The deliveries will start in October and will skip January because so many students are away. The other seven months of the school year, we’ll deliver a half-dozen cookies to your student’s resident hall on the 5th of the month. Look for the Cookie Monster — $75 and be sure to order this package by September 30th.

Or you could send them the Welcome Wagon for $30. This package is delivered September 15th and includes a Lute t-shirt, lanyard, PLU ID cardholder, canvas backpack, $5 LuteBuck$ and hand sanitizer. Order by September 12th.

Along with the package of your choice, we’ll include a personalized message from you. For recipients on campus, the package will be delivered by Dining & Culinary Services to your student’s residence hall. For recipients living off campus, arrangements can be made for your student to pick up their package in the University Center.

Please place your order the Send a Smile website.

Be sure to check out the new packages this year, where you’ll find just the thing to give your Lute a little pick me up all year long.