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Map Works

Map Works

Encourage your first-year student to participate in MAP-Works!

All first-year students will receive an e-mail from the Office of Student Life the week of September 20th inviting them to take part in the MAP-Works online survey. Please encourage your student to make use of this complimentary, personalized survey in order to locate those campus resources and identify strategies that will make their college career a success!

What is MAP-Works?
MAP-Works is an interactive web-based tool that enhances a student’s ability to be more successful in college. It provides strategies for success with customized, relevant information to help you get the most out of your first year of college.

What will MAP-Works provide my student?
After completing a brief survey, MAP-Works will provide your student with an extensive, personalized report about:

  • How to meet expectations
  • How to be more successful in college
  • What campus resources are available to help them navigate their PLU experience

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