Personnel Manual

Affirmative Action Policy

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to enlarging and maintaining the representation of ethnic, gender, cultural and economic diversity among its Employees, as well as among its student population.  PLU is further committed to the reasonable accommodation of persons with disabilities, whether students or Employees.  In furtherance of these goals and in accordance with state and federal law, Pacific Lutheran University has adopted an Affirmative Action Plan that reflects its intent to provide applicants, employees, and students equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and education and to provide a working and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

In accordance with the plan, the university has appointed an Affirmative Action Officer who is responsible for implementing and monitoring the goals set forth in the Affirmative Action Plan.  The Affirmative Action Plan is regularly reviewed and may be modified from time to time to serve the needs of the PLU community consistent with the university's affirmative action goals.  The current Affirmative Action Plan may be reviewed at any time by contacting Human Resources.

Last Modified: September 19, 2012 at 10:08 AM