Physics 135/163

Content of the Course

This laboratory course will cover topics pertaining to elementary mechanics. Goal: to witness some of the laws and equations of physics "in action." In this course, we will not be "verifying" these laws; they've been tested for hundreds of years and seem pretty sound. Instead, we will concentrate on making connections between what you observe in the lab and the theoretical concepts and equations discussed in lecture and in the textbook.

This separately graded course will, in some ways, parallel the material covered in lecture, but the 2 courses are not closely tied together. Sometimes you will encounter concepts in the laboratory course first, and other times, it will be the other way around. Occasionally, you may even perform an experiment related to material that is not covered in the lecture class.

For Physics 135 (fall semester): concurrent enrollment in Physics 125.
For Physics 163 (fall and spring semesters): concurrent enrollment in Physics 153.

Summer 2014 Schedule of Laboratory Topics

June 3 Significant Figures AND Introduction to the Computer Interface and DataStudio
June 5 Acceleration in Freefall (Tape Timer) AND Virtual Physics Labs (Cannonball)
June 10 Vector Addition and Force Tables
June 12 Projectile Motion AND Atwood's Machine
June 17 Lab Quiz #1 (see study guide on website)
June 19 Collisions in 1-D
June 24 Moment of Inertia
June 26 Conservation of Angular Momentum
July 1 Standing Waves on a String
July 3 Lab Quiz #2 (see study guide on website)