Physics 135/Physics 163

Fall 2012

Content of the Course

This laboratory course will cover topics in elementary mechanics. Goal: to witness some of the laws and equations of physics "in action." In this course, we will not be "verifying" these laws; they've been tested for hundreds of years and seem pretty sound. Instead, we will concentrate on making connections between what you observe in the lab and the theoretical concepts and equations discussed in lecture and in the textbook.

Schedule of Laboratory Topic

Week of September 3 No Labs
Week of September 10
Significant Figures AND Introduction to the Computer Interface and DataStudio
Week of September 17 Acceleration in freefall (tape timer)
Week of September 24 Vector Addition and Force Tables
Week of October 1 Projectile Motion, Atwood's Machine
Week of October 8 First Quiz
Week of October 15 No labs
Week of October 22 No labs
Week of October 29
Collisions in 1-D
Week of November 5 Moment of Inertia
Week of November 12 Conservation of Angular Momentum
Week of November 19
No Labs (Thanksgiving)
Week of November 26 Standing Waves on a String
Week of December 3 Second Quiz