Physics 136/164: Semester II Physics Lab

Spring Semester, 2013

Content of the Course

This laboratory course will cover topics pertaining to electricity, magnetism, and optics. Goal: to witness some of the laws and equations of physics "in action." In this course, we will not be "verifying" these laws; they've been tested for hundreds of years and seem pretty sound. Instead, we will concentrate on making connections between what you observe in the lab and the theoretical concepts and equations discussed in lecture and in the textbook.

For Physics 136: Physics 125 or equivalent, with lab & concurrent enrollment in Physics 126. 
For Physics 164: Physics 153 or equivalent, with lab & concurrent enrollment in Physics 154.

Schedule of Laboratory Topics

Week of February 4
No Labs
Week of February 11

Electrical Instrumentation

Week of February 18

No Lab - Presidents' Day

Week of February 25
Electric Field and Electric Potential
Week of March 5
DC Circuits
Week of March 11
Kirchoff's Laws
Week of March 18 Lab Quiz #1
Week of March 25
No Lab - Spring Break
Week of April 1
Electromagnetic Induction
Week of April 8 No Lab
Week of April 15
Geometrical Optics
Week of April 22
Thin Lenses
Week of April 29
Diffraction and Interference of Light
Week of May 6 Atomic Spectra
Week of May 13
Lab Quiz #2
Week of May 20
Final Exam week - No Labs