Department of Physics

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Physics Spreadsheets
  • Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields (XLS, 33K)

    Enter up to 4 charges and their xyz positions, and the spreadsheet calculates the force on a fifth test charge at a specified field point P, the electric field at that same point P, and various other quantities.

  • Polynomial (XLS, 38K)

    Enter the coefficients of 2 polynomials and the spreadsheet multiplies them, and performs other operations.

  • Quadratic Equation Solver (XLS, 34K)

    Enter the coefficients of a quadratic polynomial, and the spreadsheet solves them and presents the answer in several different ways.

  • Relativity (XLS, 36K)

    Enter coordinates and velocities, and the spreadsheet does Lorentz coordinate transformations and velocity transformations in up to 2 reference frames. This spreadsheet also solves relativistic Doppler shift problems.

  • Simultaneous Equations (XLS, 31K)

    Solves simultaneous linear equations in 2 and 3 variables using Cramer's Rule.

  • Thin Lenses and Mirrors (XLS, 31K)

    Solves problems where some of the following quantities are given: object distance, image distance, focal length, lens position, image location.

  • Vector Addition (XLS, 61K)

    Enter the magnitudes and angles of up to 5 vectors, and the spreadsheet graphically adds them, tip to tail, and calculates the x and y components of each vector and of their sum. It also displays the answer in polar form. Select "re-draw arrowheads" to update the display. Excel's scatter plot does not have an "arrowhead" option when connecting points.