Department of Physics

K.T. Tang's Awards


Distinguished Senior U.S. Scientist Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
"Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Urkunde Prof. Dr. Kwong-Tin Tang erhielt fur wissenschaftliche leistungen in Forschung und Lehre den Humboldt-Preis im Rahmen der Marshall-Dankesspende der Bundersrepublic Deutschland."

"Prof. K.T. Tang received the Distinguished Senior U.S. Scientist Humboldt Award in recognition of his scientific achievements in research and teaching. This award is granted by Federal Republic of Germany in commemoration of the European Recovery Program initiated by George C. Marshall." (1992)


Faculty Excellence Award, Pacific Lutheran University

"For his long record of internationally renowned research, and for the scholarly inspiration he has given to so many of his studends, Pacific Lutheran University honors Dr. Kwong-Tin Tang as the first recipient of the endowed K.T. Tang Faculty Research Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship." (2000)



Fellow, TheAmerican Physical Society
"For seminal theoretical contributions to our understanding of intermolecular forces, which govern the properties of gases, most liquids and insulator solids." (2006)




President's Medal, Pacific Lutheran University
"Pacific Lutheran University is honored to recognize strength of vocation, excellence in professional service, and faithfulness to the PLU mission by presenting its President's Medal to Kwong-Tin Tang," (2007)