Ramstad Commons

Academic Advising

Hal DeLaRosby

Director of Academic Advising

Office 253-535-8259

Allison Stephens

Associate Director of Academic Advising

Office 253-535-7205

Abigail Blankner

Transfer Student Advisor

Office 253-535-8667

Heather Brett

Academic Advisor

Office (253) 535-8870

Andrea Shea

Academic Advisor

Office (253) 538-5712

Academic Assistance

Leslie Foley

Director of Academic Assistance Programs

Office 253-535-7520

Katherine Bourdonnay

Assistant Director of Academic Assistance

Office 253-535-8765

Career Connections

Catherine Swearingen

Executive Director of Career Connections

Office 253-535-7186

Kate Schneider

Director of Employer Relations

Office (253) 535-8268

Position Currently Vacant

Academic Internships

Office 253-535-7324

Paul Bauer

Career Counselor

Office (253) 535-8283

Tommy Skaggs

Coordinator of Student Employment & Technology

Office 253-535-8786

Jody Horn

Recruiting and Outreach Manager

Office 253-535-8321

Center for Community Engagement and Service

Joel Zylstra

Director of the Center for Community Engagement & Service

Office 253-535-7652

Tiffany Lemmon

Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement & Service

Office 253-535-7173

Rachel Haxtema

AmeriCorps Lead

Kyle Jutte

College Access Corps Coordinator

Disability Support Services

Administrative Assistance

Kim O'Rourke

Senior Administrative Assistant for Ramstad Commons

Office 253.535.7459