Office ofThe Registrar

APC Information For Students who Started at PLU PRIOR to Fall 2010

What is an Academic Program Contract (APC)?

An APC is an agreement between the student and the academic department that outlines the courses and requirements the student must successfully complete to earn the major/minor.

How to Obtain 'Graduation Clearance'

Make an appointment with the chair of the department for which you need your final APC.  Check with the chair prior to your appointment to determine if he/she has an APC for you or if you need to get a copy from your student file via the Student Services front desk.  Once the APC is reviewed and signed in the 'Graduation Clearance' box by the chair, bring it to the Student Services Center. (Note: you will need to do this for each major/minor you wish to receive.)

ALL STUDENTS: Need to declare your major or minor?
Simply make an appointment with the chair of the department of the major/minor you wish to declare. The department chair will complete an electronic form that will notify the Registrar's Office that you have been cleared to declare the major/minor. Within 3 business days, the new major/minor will be reflected on your Banner Web account.

Looking for Old APCs?

Students:  If you would like a copy of an APC from your student file, see the Student Services front desk.

Faculty/Staff:  Contact the Registrar’s Office for generic APCs from Fall 2007 through Spring 2010 and/or a copy of an APC from a specific student’s file.