Department ofReligion

Lively Discussions, Becoming a Community of Teacher-Scholars

As a part of the Department of Religion, you will join in on broad and lively discussions with a community of teacher-scholars. PLU's Department of Religion, faithful to its Lutheran Christian heritage and ELCA affiliation, practices the academic study and teaching of religion at the university level. Such study includes the following:

  • A commitment to intellectual inquiry and questioning as essential to the life of faith
  • A commitment to the study of diverse religious traditions in a spirit of respect
  • The ability to discuss, write, and think about religion with increasing maturity and critical empathy
  • To desire to gain an appreciative understanding of other diverse religious worldviews and convictions

To these ends the Department of Religion offers a wide range of courses and opportunities. Furthermore, it calls students, majors and non-majors alike, to consider questions of meaning, purpose, and value in a society which all too often neglects these questions.