Department of Residential Life

Checkout - Traditional Halls

This page provides students the necessary information needed in order to move-out and check-out of their rooms at the end of Fall semester, J-Term, or during the middle of a semester.

The Check-out Process

  1. Students need to sign up for a check-out appointment with an RA at least 24 hours prior to check-out.
  2. Check-out appointments typically last a half hour.
  3. When both roommates are checking-out of a room they are strongly encouraged to check-out at the same time.

Prior to Checkout:

  1. Remove all personal belongings from the room.
  2. Return the beds to “Freshmen Formation.” (refer to diagrams posted by RAs for an example)
  3. Make sure all University issued furnishings are in room.
  4. Thoroughly clean the room.
    • Wash out garbage can and recycling bin.
    • Brooms, vacuums, and mops are available to all students at the front desk (with a LuteCard or Driver’s License).
    • Wipe down all surfaces.
  5. The RA will check the room for damages, missing items, cleanliness, and items left in the room, comparing it to the Room Condition Report (RCR) the student filled out when s/he moved into the room.
  6. Once the RA has checked the room, the student will return their room key and mail key (when applicable).
  7. Both the RA and student sign and date the RCR, and the student is given a yellow copy of the RCR for his/her records.
  8. Students who don’t check-out with a RA, miss his/her check-out appointment, don’t check-out by the deadline, leave personal items in the room, have damages to the room, or are missing PLU property (including keys) will be subject to penalty fines. Fines and charges will be billed to the student’s account.