Department ofResidential Life

SAL Poetry

Residents of the SAL wing spend time exploring, experiencing and living.  Below are some creative poems developed during a SAL experience.

SAL resident

Where I’m From

Malia Oshiro

I am from an average town, with a big heart. 
I am from a family full of love and support. 
I come from a house cluttered with baseball paraphernalia, Bibles marked with sticky notes, and the Disney Channel always on the tv. 
I am from a place of quiet neighbors, family friends we call "Auntie" and "Uncle", and cousins I call my "cuz". 
I am the youngest daughter in a family that says to "march to the beat of your own drum, especially when we play Rock Band", awkward inside jokes, and encouragement to "forget about dating until you're married". 
I come from rice at every meal, home-cooked food every day, jars of dill pickles I love, and a daddy who watches the Food Network in an attempt to learn how to cook...But really can't. 
I am from a place full of comfort, quirks, and the feeling of never wanting to leave, even though I know I have to.

Where I’m From

Victoria Pickard 

I am from smores and bugs,

From coupons and scissors.

I am from the prays the lords,

And the quite amen.

From save your souls

With silver crosses

And dedicated prayer I say every night.

I am from stuffed animal penguins,

From cars and tents,

I am from the breaking lighting and the crash that follows.

(The joy and fear it brings).

I am from the tall cactus,

The evergreens,

There strength is my own.

I am from Thomas and Kelly’s warmth,

Home cooked meals and cold apple juice.

From Sadie’s gentle understanding,

The things given up for the needs of us children

From death and life,

From change of perspective,

From photography,

It holds your memory

Never lets you forget

I am from those memories

I could never forget.