Department ofResidential Life


  • Students applying for multi-bedroom apartments must each fill out a separate application and submit it by the deadline for consideration.  Any inconsistencies, or groups of people without all of the applications and contracts turned in, will be considered incomplete, thus disqualifying a group.
  • New for 2013-2014 students applying as a mixed-gender apartment should submit their applications as outlined above.
  • Current South Hall residents wishing to return to South Hall must re-apply by the same deadline.

Priority Point System

Priority Points are what PLU uses to determine the order in which assignments are made.  Priority Points are calculated by using the following criteria:

A. Number of semesters student has lived on campus at PLU

1 point for each semester; NOT counting Summer or J-Term;

B. Number of semesters in a PLU authorized Study Away program

1 point for each semester, NOT counting Summer or J-Term;

C. Class standing

Attend of J-Term for academic year applications.  At the end of Fall for Spring applications.

2 Points =

first year (0 - 14 credits)

3 Points =

first year (15 - 29 credits)

4 Points =

sophomore (30 - 44 credits)

5 Points =

sophomore (45 - 59 credits)

6 Points =

junior (60 - 74 credits)

7 Points =

junior (75 - 89 credits)

8 Points =

senior (90 - 104 credits)

9 Points =

senior (105 - 129 credits)

10 Points =

graduate student (+ 130 credits)


D. Birth date

Age on September 1st for academic year applications.  Age on February 1st for Spring applications.

0 Points =

Less than 18 years old

1 Point =

18 years old

2 Points =

19 years old

4 Points =

20 years old

6 Points =

21 years old

8 Points =

22 years old

10 Points =

23 - 24 years old

12 Points =

25 - 26 years old

14 Points =

27 and older


E. Number of semesters lived in South Hall (For those applying to South Hall only)

1/2 point for each semester; NOT counting Summer or J-Term.

Married students or students in a domestic partnership will receive priority over non-married students for the 1-Bedroom Townhouse option.

Priority points are averaged for groups applying for multiple-bedroom options.

Notification Process

  • Students receiving a 2013-2014 South Hall assignment will be notified by email from Residential Life during the first week in March.

Specific Apartment Sign-Up

  • Students assigned to South Hall can sign-up for a specific apartment at Residential Life.
  • More information about this process will be sent to students who are initially assigned to South Hall.
  • South Hall floor plans will be available outside of Residential Life.  We ask that students do not go door-to-door to view apartments.