Department ofResidential Life

Rooms and Roommates Needed

Whether you are looking for a new roommate or you are hoping to find an available room in South Hall, Res Life can help.  The Office of Residential Life maintains a list of available rooms in South Hall.  The process is easy.  If you have a vacancy that you need to fill in South Hall, just fill out our form and submit your information. Fill out the form and Res Life will share your name with students who are looking for a South Hall roommate. 

Roommate Questionnaire
If you haven't filled out a PLU Roommate Questionnaire yet, click here!

If you are looking for a room in South Hall we can help as well. Just fill out our form on line and Residential Life will review your submission and securely maintain it in our office. Once your form is submitted, then Res Life may connect students looking for a room in South to students with an available vacancy.

Questions? Contact us and we will help you navigate the process!