Department of Residential Life

Wisdom From Tingelstad Residents

Living in Tingelstad Hall made finding study partners a walk in the park, both with other first-year students in my class as well as with returning students who had already taken the class. Need a mental break? All the food locations are nicely centralized, and those coffee dates will keep you sane come finals. Being a five minute walk from all of PLU’s great resources (definitely check out professors’ office hours and Academic Assistance) made getting help or advice on coursework a breeze. [A.M., Tingelstad]

I lived on the second floor of Tingelstad Hall as a First Year, and absolutely loved it. I think the best part about living in Tingelstad is the community that is fostered within each house. Most of my closest friends through out my first year lived in the same house as me, which made it really easy (and convenient!) to connect with them and see them on a regular basis. The spiral staircases, lounge and kitchen that link the two floors make it easy to meet new people and also to maintain those friendships. [H.M., Tingelstad]