Department ofResidential Life

Kat Slaby, Resident Director for Hong and Hinderlie Halls: “I am currently a part of the Wild Hope Staff/Faculty Seminar that spans the fall and spring semester. This seminar focuses on vocation and helping students answer the question “What will I do with my one wild and precious life?”. It has been an incredible opportunity that has also opened doors for other involvement on campus. I really love that we, as RDs, are encouraged to find opportunities that we are interested in to help expand our professional growth and development knowing that an RD position is a stepping stone in our professional paths.”

Professional Development Opportunities

Residential Life supports robust professional development for Resident Directors, including attending conferences, becoming involved in professional organizations, and continued education. There are myriad opportunities also at Pacific Lutheran University and in the Puget Sound region of which Resident Directors have been able to take advantage.


Workshops & On-Campus Education


  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training
  • Diversity Trainer
  • Ombudsperson
  • Me­­­n Against Violence Trainer
  • Green Dot Presenter

Staff and Administrator Leadership Development

For professional development opportunities involving mentoring/coaching/advising, university-wide committee participation, and facilitation/presentation/teaching, please see RD Opportunities for more information!