Department ofResidence Hall Association

Connected Community of the Year

The Connected Community of the Year program is a comprehensive program that began in the fall of 2009 consisting of on-campus events that range from our award-winning Welcome Weekend festivities to ongoing programs like UnPLUg, a competition among the residence halls to see who can reduce their average kilowatt hour usage per resident.

The idea that became ConCOY was originally conceived by our 2008 - 2009 RHA members. Up until the program was implemented, hall competitions were limited to Welcome Weekend events. The group was very intrigued by the idea of a year-long competition. The idea came to fruition when the idea was passed down to the 2009-2010 RHA members, many of whom were returning, and was discussed at their leadership retreat. Everything from a name, a logo, and a list of possible events came together, and a decision was made to move the idea forward.

That next year, Connected Community of the Year made its debut with three main goals in mind.

  1. Improve attendance at events both RHA-sponsored and otherwise.
  2. Increase resident awareness and involvement.
  3. Help support other organizations around campus.

Outside of the initial approval by the Office of Residential Life, the entire concept and implementation was, and continues to be, a student-led endeavor.