Starship Stuen 2014-2015 banner

Welcome to Stuen Hall! We, the Stuen Residence Hall Council (RHC), are excited you are going to be living in Stuen this year! This year you have the chance to be a part of something new! Stuen’s reopening includes great new features and we’re excited to have you here!

Every year, each Residence Hall has a different theme that will be used for decorating the hall during Opening Weekend and the rest of the year.

This year, our theme is… Spaceship Stuen!

Stuen Hall

Executive Directors

Mollie Parce
VP for Finance Administration  
Austin Beiermann
Public Relations Director   
Kacie Masten
Activities and Outreach Director  
Marissa Modestowicz
Sustainability Director   
Makayla Tolmie
Social Justice Director  
Audrey Deiss