Stay tuned for updates for the 2015-16 year!

Tstad Islands 2014-2015 banner

Welcome to PLU (Incoming students) or to another great year (returners) and Tingelstad Hall!!

Whether brand new or returning, we are so excited to have you in our community this upcoming academic year! As a Tingelstad resident, you’ll be living in PLU’s largest hall on campus, where we pride ourselves on the diversity and sense of community that comes with living in a hall of over 275 students. When you have seven floors of people to choose from, you’re bound to find some sort of adventure! (We also have pretty neat spiral staircases.)

All the residence halls create a theme concept each year to help get residents excited for the year, and to bring all the residents in the hall community together. Our hall theme this year will be …. T-Stad Islands!

Tingelstad Hall

Executive Directors

Tanner Henderson
VP for Finance Administration   
Monica Richardson
Public Relations Director   
Emalie Gauntz 
Activities and Outreach Director  
Kylie Adams
Sustainability Director 
Jessica Wagner 
Social Justice Director  
Shannon Duffy