Department ofResidence Hall Association

Kass Morris

Kass Morris

Activities & Outreach Director

253-535-8407 (office)



Intended Major in Elementary Education with a Minor in English Literature, Pacific Lutheran University, 2014


Kass Morris is an Elementary Education major and English Literature minor from Bellevue, WA. She loves to sew, bake and cook. She also makes a number of her own clothes and is a total geek. Kass loves watching sci-fi, reading and writing fantasy and graphic novels, and playing role playing games with her two brothers. She also has an odd obsession with children's cartoons such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Phineas and Ferb

Kass loves PLU because of the community. The student body at PLU is amazingly cognizant of current events and social justice issues. It is a very exciting time to be students seeking to change the world and it is helpful to know that PLU seeks to inform their students to be conscious global scholars. She also loves how active the school is in seeking to create programming that is educational and fun, and she also enjoys how personable the faculty and staff are. Kass has never once had a professor she did not feel comfortable talking to about concerns in a class. PLU and her students, faculty, and staff work hard to create a community, which she is proud to be a part of. 

Kass is on RHA because she wants to have a bigger role in developing the community at PLU. She feels that PLU has a quality on-campus community, but it certainly has more to offer in the way of outreach with the surrounding Parkland community. Her goal as Activities and Outreach Director on RHA is to focus on creating intentional programming which can help bring the students at our school and the outside community closer together.