Department ofResidence Hall Association

Christina Hayes

Christina Hayes

Leadership Development Director

253-535-8407 (office)



Intended Major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Human Relations, Pacific Lutheran University, 2015


Christina Hayes is a Business Administration major, with an emphasis in Management and Human Relations and is from Kent, WA. She loves swimming, snowboarding, shopping, scrapbooking, and traveling. Christina loves PLU because it is such a warm, friendly, and welcoming campus! Everyone you meet on campus is so genuinely friendly and supports each other, which creates a great community. She is on RHA because she loves the opportunities that the on-campus living experience can provide to students. Also, she wants to share her experiences and knowledge of on-campus life with other students. Christina’s goal goals for RHA are educating more people about what RHA is and what it does, to support the development of the leaders within RHA and the RHCs, and to encourage more students to becoming involved on campus and with the surrounding community.