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Caitlin Dawes

Caitlin Dawes

Social Justice Director

253-535-8407 (office)



Intended Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Minors in German and Religion, Pacific Lutheran University, 2016


Hey ya'll, my name is Caitlin Dawes! I am a Sociology major with German and Religion minors, but I am trying to major in all three, so fingers crossed. I graduate in Spring 2016 and am plan on applying for the Fulbright German Research scholarship! I hail from Tacoma, WA with the Puget Sound as my backyard. Sailing and cycling are what occupy my time when I am not in class or meetings. I love grabbing coffee with friends or walking down to NPCC for a cup of tea and bantering back and forth about social justice and political topics. So don't be afraid to grab a cup with me! I also aspire to be a stand up comedian like Kathy Griffin, on the side. I love PLU because of all the opportunities to be a leader in the PLU community as well as the Parkland community and think it's fantastic how supportive not only other students are, but staff and faculty, to achieve academic goals! For the 2014-2015 school year I hope to make social justice a bang by breaking down barriers between organizations, challenging students to look through other lenses, and continuing collaboration between several organizations to help plan wicked awesome events; especially Gender Exploration Week! I hope to create opportunities not only for the RHC SJDs, but for the community to get involved and inspire them to be advocates in their communities. This is why I joined RHA, and although it is a huge goal, I know I have so much support to make it happen!