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On behalf of the Pflueger Residence Hall Council (RHC), we would like to extend a warm welcome your way and to say we are blown away with excitement about your arrival! First things first: if you are an incoming student, congratulations on your acceptance to Pacific Lutheran University (PLU)! If you are a returning student, we’re excited you’ll be part of the Pflueger community. Before you blast off with our Residence Hall, it is important that everyone knows where you’ll be living and how to pronounce it!  Pflueger is pronounced “Flee-gurr” and although it is tough to say at first, it is star-tastic to live in.

This year, Pflueger’s theme will be … Pfleuger Pforest!

Executive Directors

President Courtney Cieminski
VP for Finance Administration
Miranda LeDuc
Public Relations Director Hannah Nagy
Activities & Outreach Director Julie Ortiz
Sustainability Director Camille LaRoca
Social Justice Director Kaylee Hawkins
First Year Outreach Director Vacant


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Want To Support Your RHC?

You can, simply by shopping! We wanted to uplift a unique opportunity for a win/win – to purchase great linens and other items for your room AND support RHA programming and events. Throughout the year, RHA plans opportunities for residential students to engage on campus. Such programs include: Block Party and Sound Off events during New Student Orientation Weekend, Late Night Breakfast in May, Homecoming events, and more!

  • Check out this site for resources on all the things you may want to bring!
  • To order, simply order online via the web site or by phone at 1-800-957-4338.
  • A percentage of our sales will go directly back to PLU RHA to help fund many of RHA’s events and housing initiatives to build a strong and inclusive community for all students.