Residence Hall Association 2015-2016

Hiring for next year’s RHA is here! We are looking for five student leaders dedicated to enhancing the University experience and advocating for on-campus residents.

The five Directors (Activities & Outreach, Leadership Development, Public Relations, Social Justice, Sustainability) are voted on by the RHC Directors after being screened through preliminary interviews. Interested in being a Director? Apply here! Descriptions and duties for reach position can be found here: RHA Director Duties.

Applications close March 20.

What does RHA stand for?  What exactly does RHA do?  And is that different than RHC?

RHA stands for the Residence Hall Association.  RHC stands for Residence Hall Council.  Each hall on campus has an RHC that works to plan events and represent their specific hall.  RHA is the larger umbrella organization that represents ALL students that live on campus, regardless of what building you call home.

How is RHA different from ASPLU?
Both are student government organizations that plan events and advocate for students.  What makes RHA different is that we only represent the on-campus community.  RHA works closely with Residential Life to make sure that the on-campus community is thriving and welcoming. ASPLU and RHA often partner together to plan events and advocate for student needs (and our offices are located right next to each other).

I’m not living on-campus next year, why should I care or even vote?
If you currently live on campus you are eligible to vote, it doesn’t matter where you are living next year.  Even though you won’t be living on-campus, this is one last chance to help shape the on campus community.  Additionally, most of the events that RHA plans are designed with on-campus students in mind, but anyone can attend regardless of where you live.