Office of AdvancementRieke Science Center

Our Vision 

For the last 26 years, Rieke Science Center has served as the home for science education at Pacific Lutheran University.

Our alumni can be found in top research institutions and laboratories as leading biologists, chemists, computer analysts, physicists and software engineers in their fields of study. Our students are in cutting edge health professions, serving as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists all over the globe and in the classrooms as well.

A Goal That Matters

Phase Because the Rieke Science Center is the center for scientific education at PLU and revives heavy use throughout the year, the building must remain open as its classrooms, labs and study areas are updated.

Keeping the building open during construction will require phased construction.

Phase 1 is underway. A glass-walled laboratory was built at the north end of the facility to showcase the Department of Chemistry's powerful nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. 


The renovated Louis and Lydia Sheffels Biology Laboratory opened in February 2011 with updated casework and technology, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively engage our students. A "smart classroom" has been constructed, providing our students with a more modern, interactive, hands-on experience. 

Deserts and Demos

An additional Phase 1 project will begin in Summer 2013 to construct a modern greenhouse next to the southwest side of the building. This addition will replace a deteriorated, energy inefficient and cramped greenhouse currently located on the second floor of the Rieke Science Center.

Other Phase 1 projects include upgrades to the open lab, a multi-use chemistry lab, a human anatomy and physiology lab, a geosciences research space, and research suites for both biology and chemistry.