Office of AdvancementRieke Science Center

Prepared Graduates

Science programs at PLU have produced well-trained, globally integrated professionals whose lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care reflect their roots in a liberal arts science education. Our students have a 65–70 percent acceptance rate to medical school, compared to the national average of 45 percent. In addition, our students have been admitted into graduate programs at prestigious institutions such as Yale University, the University of Washington and the California Institute of Technology. Our ability to place students into graduate and professional schools will only endure if, in addition to maintaining a top-notch faculty that challenges and supports its outstanding students, Pacific Lutheran University is successful in keeping step with the demands of science education from a facilities standpoint. 

(LEFT) Close one-on-one contact students have with their professors at PLU is key to their success in learning their discipline and having success after they complete their studies at PLU. Professor George Hauser talks about the importance of the mentoring system at PLU.