Scandinavian Area Studies

Mission Statement & SLOs

Approved April 14, 2009

Mission Statement

The Scandinavian Area Studies Program at PLU uses multiple disciplinary approaches to study the peoples, cultures and societies of Scandinavia, providing students with a broad-based and rigorous liberal arts education that equips them with critical intellectual tools and prepares them for constructive engagement with the world.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in the study of a variety of disciplines in their Scandinavian contexts, including language, cultural studies, politics, literature, history, economics, music, folklore, communication, religion
and film studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a BA in Scandinavian Area Studies will:

  • Demonstrate competency in a Scandinavian language;
  • Use their command of a Scandinavian language to intelligently discuss how language influences identities, societies and worldviews;
  • Evaluate key historical contexts and contemporary influences on Scandinavian cultural and political life;
  • Access the complex diversity of Scandinavian cultures and societies, both internally and in connection with regional and global trends, networks and influences;
  • Analyze Scandinavian involvement in international processes and politics, including such topics as nation-building, colonialism, peace-brokering, migration, governmental institutions, globalization and development; and
  • Examine Scandinavian literature, cinema and music as sites for both confirming and questioning ideologies and identities.