Scandinavian Cultural Center

Scandinavian Cultural Center


The Scandinavian Cultural Center has three exhibition galleries.

  • Hildahl Gallery is our main exhibition space inside the Scandinavian Cultural Center. It consists of 6 bays equipped with special lighting, a flexible mounting system, security, and custom display cases.
  • Larson Gallery is always on view to the public because it is located in the hallway entrance to the Scandinavian Cultural Center. It consists of 5 custom-made, locked display cabinets.
  • Stuen Room is an intimate gallery space where many of our larger household items are displayed, including a selection of furniture. It is also used as our Reading Room. Four locked, glass doors separate this gallery from the shared used space in the Scandinavian Cultural center.

The exhibitions change at the Scandinavian Cultural Center approximately every other month. Many exhibitions are curated by the Director of the SCC, along with volunteer members of the Exhibition Committee, and with input from the Scandinavian Area Studies faculty. A student curated exhibition series was inaugurated in February of 2014 with an exhibition about the Sami and will continue in October of 2014 with an exhibition about the Sustainability movement in Scandinavia. Both of these are based on research PLU students have conducted.

The Scandinavian Cultural Center also is proud to host traveling exhibition and special exhibition developed elsewhere in the United States and Scandinavia. Typically, these have been modern art exhibitions.

Current Exhibitions

Nordic Eco: Steps towards Sustainability

“Nordic Eco: Steps towards Sustainability” is a guest curated exhibit by a graduating senior at Pacific Lutheran University, Margret Dolde and sponsored by the Joanne Klein Memorial Fund. That 500 square-foot exhibition, divided into six sections, examines all of the Nordic countries, including Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland for the ways they are working to create a more sustainable future.  A two-hundred year old ice core, hands-on interactives, photos, videos, artifacts, and text examines Nordic innovation in renewable energy, ice-core research, and recycling among other things.

Thor Heyerdahl Exhibit

"Out of the box" theorist, explorer, and anthropologist, Thor Heyerdahl, is the subject of an exhibition that just opened at the Scandinavian Cultural Center. Anchored by posters produced by the Thor Heyerdahl Institute and the Kon-Tiki Museum, the exhibition is augmented by a discussion of Heyerdahl's connections to PLU, and includes artifacts from PLU Faculty Fellow Dr. Donald Ryan. A symposium on November 10th will include scholars from various fields--oceanography, archaeology, literary studies and museology--to paint a more complete picture of this creative and energetic individual, who pursued his interests in the environment and global cooperation while experimenting with ancient sea-going vessels.