Scandinavian Cultural Center

Scandinavian Cultural Center

Brief Overview

(from CIA World Factbook)

Official Name: Republic of Finland
Capital City: Helsinki
Area: 130,127 mi sq (337,030 km sq)
Government: Constitutional Republic
European Union Member State
Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Currency: Euro
Historic Currency: Markka
Population: 5,262,930
Real GDP per capita: $24,996
National Anthem: "Our Land" Lyrics by Johan Ludvig Runeberg, music by Fredrik Pacius. Adopted in 1948.

Helsinki Cathedral
Helsinki CathedralCompleted in 1852, Helsinki Cathedral, formerly St. Nicholas Cathedral, overlooks Senate Square in the Finnish capital.

Fun Facts

  • The most recent version of the flag was adopted 29 May 1918. The white represents snow while blue symbolizes the lakes.
  • Only 8% of Finland is arable.
  • The sauna (pronounced with "ow", not the American "ah") is the national pastime.
  • Talking while your hands are in your pockets is impolite.