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Alums make beautiful music together

[IMAGE: Gloriana Logo]Gloriana has made the list. A professional choir established in 1993, the group has been named on the Salt Lake Tribune's "Top 10" list of concerts for the past two years, holding their own among performances by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, singer Mel Torme and pianist Leslie Howard.

At the heart of the choir are Deuane '75 and Karen (MacClellen '74) Kuenzi, founders of the Utah-based choir. Deuane serves as the 29-voice choir's artistic director, and Karen is the accompanist and vocal coach. Through the pair's extensive work with choirs over the last 18 years and their own experience as students in Choir of the West, they have developed a technique called "choral voicing" that they say is the basis of Gloriana's exciting sound.

Choral voicing begins when Deuane systematically listens to pairs and subgroups of voices in various physical placements in a choral lineup. He moves and adjusts the singers' positions rather than their voices, insisting that everyone sing with their 'natural' voice, their best sound, rather than trying to blend with their neighbor.

"While a sizable investment in time and experimentation is required to optimize the group's sound quality, once you start to hear the tremendous difference it makes in the overall sound, you'll never go back to voices in sections," Deuane said.

This past year, Deuane took his choral knowledge and went travelling, serving as guest conducter in Honolulu, Sydney, New York and Vienna.

Gloriana has made an impact on a larger scale, too, performing at national and international events, appearing on the CBS TV show "Touched by an Angel," and touring Rio de Janiero as guest of the Brazilian Office of Cultural Affairs. The group has also sold compact discs in more than 30 countries through its home page on the World Wide Web, http://www.gloriana.com.

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