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A Window to the Past

[PHOTO] LEFT: Graduation day, 1934. (from left to right), Jennie Hansen, Kathryn McClary and Ella Fosness.
RIGHT: A celebration of Jennie and Art Hansen's 60th anniversary. (from left to right), Cecil and Kathryn McClary, Jennie and Arthur Hansen, Ella and Elmer Fosness.
Somewhere between hanging out at the "kicking post" and doing homework in pajamas, that which binds friendships is formed.

Jennie Hansen, Ella Fosness and Kathryn McClary graduated from PLU in 1934 as the best of friends. The strength of that friendship has proven to last 65 years.

Although they haven't lived in the same city since they graduated, they never failed to see each other at least once a year. Jennie lived in Hawaii for 45 years and Kathryn lived in California and Carolina for 40 years, but both would return to the Northwest annually for a dinner with Ella.

All three sang in Choir of the West, and roomed together in the attic bedroom of a woman named Mrs. Tholo. They studied teaching together, often doing their homework in their pajamas, and ate Dynamite cereal for breakfast, the cheapest cereal they could find. They were together on a choir trip when Kathryn saw the motion of tides for the first time and they walked along the railroad track to Spanaway during gym class.

Somewhere in the midst of all those small life events, when watching planes at McChord or donning corduroy pants for campus cleanup day, the glue of friendship bound these three friends fast.

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