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Make a Lasting Difference
campaign tops $71 million
"May I have a drum roll please?" asked Don Morken, chair of the Make a Lasting Difference Campaign as he addressed an audience of 800-plus at the Q Club Banquet on May 3. With drums sounding and a searchlight sweeping the front of the Olson Auditorium stage, Morken teased the audience for several minutes before announcing the nearly-final numbers for the end of the campaign - $71,115,000. PLU's five-year $52 million campaign to raise the endowment officially ended May 31 (after Scene deadline) and was expected to go even beyond $72 million. Look for complete coverage of the campaign in the fall issue of Pacific Lutheran Scene. (Webmaster's note: Web coverage of the PLU Scene began with the winter issue.)

"In Support of Excellence"
Gifts, pledges and grants of $10,000 or more, Jan. 1 to March 31
Anonymous $12,500 Gift
Anonymous $150,000 Will Provision; Charitable Gift Annuity/Scholarship
Jerold L. and Elaine Armstrong $30,000 Pledge - Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Stanley and Terryl Brue $10,000 MALD Challenge; Sheryl Peterson Endowment
Leland and Debbie Dawson $10,000 Will Provision
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America $13,660 Gift
Richard and Leila Ellingson $150,108 Charitable Gift Annuity/Endowed Scholarship
Arthur H. and Jennie L. Hansen $15,000 MALD Challenge/Q Club
Richard R. and Monica R. Hurley $24,000 Life Insurance
Gordon and Alice Kayser $10,000 Q Club/Annual Fund
The Kresge Foundation $250,000 Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Lee Charitable Trust $90,000 Gift
Lutheran Brotherhood $30,000 Restricted Scholarship
Paul Menzel and Susan Blank $246,250 Will Provision; AURA/Endowed Scholarship; General Endowment Fund; Heather Koller Memorial Lectureship; Q Club/Annual Fund
Donald and Wanda Morken $160,000 Q Club/Annual Fund; Alumni Annual Fund Challenge; Restricted Scholarship Fund; Raphael Lemkin Essay Competition Endowment
Kimberly Mooneyham $432,527 Life Insurance/Scholarship
Donald and Beret Mott $250,000 Will Provision
Drew and Marilyn Nelson $10,000 Pledge/Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction $57,396 Professional Development Program Grants to School of Education and Natural Sciences
Lloyd R. and LaVerne Paff $63,000 Shereen Paff Special Education Scholarship
Rena V. Pellegrini Estate $49,647 Pellegrini Endowed Scholarship Addition
Otto and Shirley Stevens $27,500 Pledge - Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Donald E. and Edith V. Strandness $100,000 Restricted Endowment
Wilson Construction Company $10,000 Alumni Annual Fund; Q Club/Annual Fund


The following individuals, churches and businesses have joined the Q Club or upgraded their membership from October 22, 1996 through April 15, 1997.

President's Circle

Gary and Cheryl Severson*


Ray and Deanna Dally
Ron and Ingrid Gintz *

Senior Fellow
Roberta Goodnow and Daniel Lipke*
Tim and Lisa Kittilsby *
Bill and Doris Rea*
Michael and Gloria Snowden

Associate Senior Fellow
Dan and Anne Alsaker*
Tom and Juli Anderson*
Ken and Polly Christopherson *
Larry and Kathy Edlund*
David and Connie Hellyer*
Jim and Debbie Hushagen*
Michael Little *
Henry and Nova Van Baalen *

George and Donna Arbaugh*
Herb and Lorraine Carlson
Christ Lutheran, Odessa*
Lee and Debbie Dawson *
Kathleen Franco *
Glendale Lutheran Church, Seattle
Stewart and Alice Govig *
Clarene and Allen Johnson*
Eldon and Toppy Kyllo *
Paul and Sylvia Leung *
W. Michael and Meredith Lindel*
MacDonald Will Foundation
Brian and Mary Olson *
Helen Pohlig*
Titus Will Families Foundation
Trinity Lutheran, Tacoma*
Steve and Martha Ward *
Randy and Sandra Yoakum *

Associate Fellow
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Anchorage
John and Celesta Bjornson*
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Black
Charles Borquist
Michael and Kari Caldwell
Terry and Ellen Campbell *
Ted and Alzora Carlstrom *
Ed and Alene Christiansen*
David and Carolyn Christensen *
MaryAnn and Thomas Dase
Marguerite Eastvold
Henry Ericksen *
Gary and Marilee Falde *
Bruce Finnie and Linda Gibson *
Roland and Annette Funk *
Sister Frieda Gazke*
Kent Gerlach *
Jon and Lori Grande*
John and Zandra Hensel*
Jack and Marilyn Hoover*
Ronald and JoAnne Hudiburg*
Bill and Wonda Johnson
David and Jan Johnson*
Paul and Desnee Joos*
Carmen Knudtson*
Paul and Nina Larson *
John and Karry Lensing
Jorge and Kandice Llera*
Moira Mansell *
Gary and Ingrid Mitchell *
Glen and Mary Nelson*
Linda and Richard Nyland
Eric Odberg *
Frank and Karen Olson *
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Salem
Tim and Letitia Quigley*
Pat and Jack Roundy *
Sterling and Inga Rygg
William and Donna Schlitt *
Jack and Jan Sinderson*
Dale Storaasli*
Alina and Wes Urbanec*
Gayle Walz *
Kenneth Woolcott
Leo and Marlene Zeiler *

Gus and Dorothy Anderson
Paul Asper
Ronald and Linda Bahr
Lauriston and Luann Baker
Frieda Blandau
Kathy and Lloyd Brodniak
Al and June Broeckel
Thomas Brown
Lori and Oliver Cardwell
Kathryn and Michael Canino
David E. Carlson
June Carlson
Stephen Carlson & Stacy Waddell Carlson
Don and Donna Christian
Robert Christian
Bob and Glenda Clemons
Maria-Alma Copeland
Rolf and Janet Dahle
Larry and Mardell Dennis
David Dion
Olav and Jan Eimstad
Larry and Judith Evenson
Bradley and Marlena Falk
Lesli Farnsworth
Dennis and Janet Fatland
Don and Mona Fenimore
Tim and Deborah Franson
John and Julie Frazier
Eva Regis Frey*
Paul Fritts
Marlin and Robin Gabbert
Donald and Janet Gaines
Arne Gard
Ann Nielsen German
Jana Ghosn
Michael Gintz
Daniel and Norma Grefthen
Kirsten Grudt
Anne Hafer
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson
David Harshman
Walter and Maggie Hayden *
Tim and Sherrie Hayes
Scott and Teresa Herfindahl
Hope Lutheran Church, Enumclaw
Edward and Birgit Hopkins
Brian and Jennifer Jacobson
Jerry and Nancy Johnson
Roy and Katherine Johnson
Robert Jory
Conrad Kasperson
Mary Ann Kluge and Ken Sylvester
Christine and Howard Kreps
Paul and Teena Kusche
Dennis and Julie Kyllo
Deena Lager
Georgia and Lars Larson
William and Neva Leed
Paula Leitz
Daniel and Karen Liebert
Richard and Ann Lund
Robert and Nancy Martin
Mark Martineau
John and Marlys McAuliffe
Robyn McClain
Daniel and Tamara McDonell
Michael and Nancy Melary
Steve and Julie Meulemans
Mark Nelson
Paul and Darlene Nelson
Carey and Patricia Nemeth-Loflin
Edward and Lois Niewohner
Werner and Ingeborg Opitz
Rodney Orr and Shandra Greig
Bill and Patricia Ostenson
George Parkerson
Jack and Kathryn Perciful
Dale and Betty Perry
Otto and Naomi Petersen
Pochel Distributing
William and Patrice Pritchard
Stephen and Karen Recher
Eugene and Michelle Reindel
Erik and Susie Ristuben
Steve and Melanie Ryan
Robert and Kristin Saathoff
Doug and Karel Sahlberg
Eric and Janet Schneider
Dale and Joyce Sears
Robert and Nancy Seffernick
Roger and Carolyn Shanafelt
Brad and Carol Slama
Beth Smedstad
David and Judy Smith
Gayle and Norman Smith
Pamela Smith
Ray and Ely Smith
Roger and Paula Smith
Christopher Spicer
Francis and Karen Stack
Essie Stewart
Henrietta Stewart
St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Bellevue
St. Mark Lutheran Church, Spokane
Del and Rose Steiner
Steve Stoner
Duncan and Joy Stoops
Rainer Storb and Beverly Torok-Storb
Victor and Ardis Stueckle
Marvin and Jean-Marie Swenson
Jack and Diane Tollefson
Anne and Ron Tubby
William and Kathleen Urban
Peter Wagner
Peter and Grace Wang
Dean and Helen Wigstrom
Erin Witte
Warren and Helene Wittekind
John and Gayle Wong
Sylvia and Fred Wood
Sue Yerian
Barbara and Sohail Yusufzai
Michael and Rone Sue Ziegler

Associate Member

Lisa Balmes
Chris Boley
Catherine and Mark Clover
Darnell and Debbi Commodore
Val and Kristine Meyer
Chris Porter
Paul and Linda Schroeder
Donald and Kara Stout
Karlynn Swanson
Cris and Michele Turner
Michael and Lisette Welk
Stephen and Sherry Whittaker

Student Member

Chris Backman
Maree George
Christine Kennedy
Carina Lawrence
Ashley Orr
Joe Patterson
Rachael Radek
Kristin Ross
Christina Saarensen
Becky Van Slyke
* - Increased from previous level

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