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Leadership and Service

Does it still matter for you?

Following is an excerpt from Olson's homily given at PLU in April.

It still matters! As you think about those words, what thoughts come to mind for you? Does it still matter for you? Will it still matter in 15 years? In 30 years?
      The mission of this university still matters. So why should we care? Why does it matter?
      I guess for me I've come to realize more and more over the past 15 years since I left PLU that the world is just not very easy. Life is not a piece of cake or a bowl of cherries. Lost souls are abundant. The range of human hopes and hurts that cry out for the gospel is enormous. They cry out for a gospel of hope, of love and of grace.
      Does it really matter that there is an institution of higher education in this country whose mission is to educate for lives of service to others? Who carries the message of the gospel to the masses of hurting people? Who cares for their hurts? Who strives for justice in this unjust world? Who is it? I would argue it is places like PLU and its students, faculty, staff and alumni that demonstrate over the years that we are the ones to take on this role of service to others.
      The world needs places like PLU because these places attract people like you. You come here to teach and to learn and then to go out into the world to make a difference.
      PLU is a unique place. There are not many like it. And it does matter. The mission of the university is making the world a better place, and it is something of which we can all be proud.
      The world is in desperate need of people who care enough to make a difference. Don't wait for someone else.

Alumni Association Profile

Brian Olson '83, Alumni Association President
OCCUPATION: Business Development Manager, LaserJet Supplies Operation, Hewlett-Packard Co.
PLU, I believe, is one of few colleges and universities in this country that has a primary focus of educating for lives of thoughtful inquiry and service to community, nation and world. In a world where the responsibility of the educated grows significantly with each passing day, it is critical that PLU continue to send its graduates to the far reaches of the world to continue to make a difference. I'm proud to be associated with such a place.

1998 Alumni Board Members

May 15, 1998 Rebecca Burad '74 (Regent), San Francisco, Calif.
Phyllis Grahn Carroll '55, Lakewood, Wash.
David Coltom '83, Issaquah, Wash.
John Feldmann '82, Seattle, Wash.
Karen Fruehauf '92, Champlin, Minn.
Michael Fuller '94, Simi Valley, Calif.
Darren Hamby '87, '92, Seattle, Wash.
Prentis Johnson '78, Federal Way, Wash.
Ted Johnson '60 (Regent), Seattle, Wash.
Beverly Knutzen '55, Shelton, Wash.
Sandra Krause '89, Eatonville, Wash.
Helen Kyllo '50, Tacoma, Wash.
Gayle Lindeblom '67, Lacey, Wash.
Dick Londgren '59, Tacoma, Wash.
Nikki Martin '73, Mt. Angel, Ore.
Jim Morrell '91, Salem, Ore.
Brian Olson '83, Boise, Idaho
Susan Stringer '76 (Regent), Bellevue, Wash.

David Aubrey, Vice President, Development and University Relations
Lauralee Hagen '75, '78, Director, Alumni & Parent Relations
Monica Hurley '94, Associate Director, Annual Giving/Q Club
Darren Kerbs '96, Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Relations
Erv Severtson '55, Vice President and Dean for Student Life

Q Club

The following individuals, churches and businesses have joined the Q Club or upgraded their membership from March 20, 1998, through, June 15, 1998. PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE ($5,000-9,999/year)
David Aubrey *
AMBASSADOR ($3,600-4,999/year)
Bernice Koester *
Don and Barrie Mott *
SENIOR FELLOW ($2,400-3,599/year)
Roger and Joanne Hildahl *
ASSOCIATE SENIOR FELLOW ($1,800-2,399/year)
Dale and Joan Keller *
Larry and Laura Majovski *
David and Marvalee Wake *
Roger Westberg *
FELLOW ($1,000-1,799/year)
Great NW Agency of Lutheran Brotherhood
David and Joanne Haaland
Jim and Susan Haaland
Vernell and Carol Hance *
Loren and Camilla Hildebrand *
Arne and Rhonda Ness *
Judith Perry *
Robert and Gladys Rieke *
Carl and Jewellyn Searcy *
Francis and Carol Stack *
Gerald and Linda Strand *
ASSOCIATE FELLOW ($480-999/year)
Jay and Charlene Allen *
Scott Barnum *
Terry and Kerry Brink *
Curt Christiansen *
Mary Evans *
Glenn Evanson *
Larry and Judith Evenson *
Ed and Cristina Fridenstine *
Daniel and Lynn Girvan *
R. Gene and Esther Grant *
Charles Harding *
Michael and Kristin Houle *
Luther and Dee Jonson
Steve and Paula Leitz *
David and Mary Marquardt
Malcolm and Diane McCallum *
Ben and Ellen McCracken *
Joan Mitton
Jim and Joni Niesz
Jean Nistad
Tom and Lissa Tommervik *
Margaret Wickstrom *
Craig Wright and Ruth Fischer-Wright *
MEMBER ($300-479/year)
Timothy and Wendy Aho
Joseph Anderson
Richard and Mary Ann Ballew
Cary Bassani
Scott and Kristi Beebe
Richard and Loretta Bentson
Chris Berntsen
Mitch and Jonette Blakney
Troy and Cheryl Brost *
Kenneth Byrne
Patrice Carlson
R. William and Bette Catlin
Ray and Ann Clack
Dawn Collins
Maria-Alma and Richard Copeland
Andrew and Alison Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. William Costine
Creator Lutheran Church, Lake Tapps
Janie Davis
Mark and Nancy Davis
DeVoe Mansion
James and Judith Dodds
Graydon and Colleen Downing
Guy and Brenda Ellison
James and Kathy Feek
H. William and Sheri Feeney
Clinton and Carrie Ferguson
Bryan and Dana Gaume
Jacqueline Gilmore
George and Janet Goehren
Jonathan Haley, Jr.
Rolf and Betsy Ann Hanson
Timothy Hanson
Lois Harris
Art and Lorelee Hedlund
Robert and Karin Holland
Emmer Jackson
Milton and Bonnie Jeter
Beatha Johnson
Prentis and Loretta Johnson
Mike and Carol Kammer
Steven Keller
Margo Anne Kessel
Thomas and Cheryl Koonsman
Edwin and Maureen Krantz
Brenda Lichtenwalter *
Randy Lindblad
Christian Lucky
Thomas and Janette Mahoney
Rick and Vanita Mattson
Ron and Carol Melver
Ed and Nancy Merzenich
Wallace and Eloise Miyasaki
Scott and Jill Moon
Doug and Marit Nierman *
Norma Norby
Christopher Nordquist
Bruce and Ann Nunes
Dennis and Beverly Ostroot
Catherine Overland *
Christohper Pankey
Ted and DelRene Perkins
Albert and Ruth Schaffler
Maudie Elaine Schaible
Paul and Kathy Schaller
Matthew and Dianne Solum
Barry and Lisa Spomer
Tina Stuart
Charlotte Thompson
William and Pamela Trotter
Paul and Anne Urlie
Vicky Winters
ASSOCIATE MEMBER ($120-239/year)
Melissa Bertocchini
Shawn and Michelle Blocker
Brandon and Tarren Fix
Katherine Hansen
Michelle Hassler
Ellie Jiang
Erica Kjesbu
Ashley Orr *
Kevin and Kristine Pieper
Dan and Suzanne Tye
Kevin and Anna Wells
Trevor and Tracey White
STUDENT MEMBER ($60-119/year)
Karin Anderson
Jeffrey Bare
Lisa Birnel
Kristin Merle
Martin and Sarah Mogk
Sarah Nicholson

* Increased from previous level

In Support of Excellence

Gifts, pledges and grants of $10,000 or more, April 1 to June 30, 1998
Anderson Foundation $125,000 William and Jeanie Anderson Endowed Scholarship
Loren J. and MaryAnn Anderson $100,200 Will Provision/Q Club Pledge/Restricted Capital Projects Pledge
David G. Aubrey $50,000 Will Provision/Q Club Pledge
Jeanne Baird $100,000 Will Provision
Virginia Benson $25,000 Will Provision
The Boeing Company $100,000 School of Business Program Development Grant
Thomas Bundy Estate $10,000 Q Club Endowment
Helen and Cecil Dammen $12,000 Will Provision
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America $59,578 Unrestricted Operating Support/Endowment
Fisher Broadcasting, Inc. $15,000 MALD Challenge
Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation $100,000 Mary Baker Russell Music Center Fuchs Organ Fund
Independent Colleges of Washington $44,968 Unrestricted Operating Support
Gordon and Alice Kayser $20,000 Phillip and Alice Kayser Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Edgar and Betty Larson $40,000 Will Provision
Anne L. Long $10,000 Q Club
Lutheran Brotherhood $60,091 Matching 604 Donor Gifts
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust $19,500 Murdock College Research Program for Life Sciences Grant
PLU Women's Club $18,400 PLU Women's Club Endowed Scholarship
Bernice Polchow $50,000 Will Provision
Everett Thykeson $10,000 Anne Kensrud Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Charles and Margaret Upshaw Confidential Will Provision/Unrestricted Annual Fund Pledge/Q Club Pledge

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