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technoweb \tek'-no-web\ n a regular column devoted to PLU, technology and the World Wide Web

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Have you seen the smoke rising from the Media Services end of Mortvedt Library? It's more evidence that the Web development team is hard at work, continually upgrading and adding to PLU's home page on the Internet. Following are some of the latest premieres - just start out with www.plu.edu/ in your URL, and add any of the following addresses:

Alumni & Parent Relations
~alumni - With this clear, simple, informative and visually pleasing page, Alumni & Parent Relations invites alums who are interested in "staying connected," "keeping in touch" and "getting involved" to do just that. You can learn how to get an alumni card, utilize LuteLink, access the latest Scene online, browse the alumni email directory and get involved in volunteering and donations, among many other activities. (This page was designed by Joel Markquart '94.)

~archives - Once accessible only by entering a mysterious room on the third floor of Mortvedt Library, the PLU Archives and Special Collections are now living online! Still under construction, this site features the main university archives, as well as a look at the Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection. Information on the Church Archives and Nisqually Plains collections is in the process of being added to the site.

Employee Search
/forms/emp_lookup.html - This voluntary directory allows you to search for a PLU employee by last name, first name, department or email address. Search results are similar to the work-related information published annually in the campus directory: employee name, email address, on-campus telephone extension, department, office location and position title.

Music @round PLU
/pluexper/interest/music - You'll need to have the RealAudio plug-in installed to hear "Music @round PLU," but any extra effort will be well worth it! With selections available either by group or CD, you're sure to enjoy the University Men's Chorus performing "Sing Noël," University Organist David Dahl's rendition of "Allī Offertorio" or the University Wind Ensemble's "Fantasia in G." Ten selections are available for your listening pleasure.

Web Development Team
~webmast - Here's a good page to bookmark. The Web development team uses this site to list all its latest projects, the services it offers and guidelines for adding personal Web pages to the PLU site (this final option available only to current PLU students, faculty and staff). The page also provides an email link to the PLU Webmaster, who is available to address any questions or problems you may encounter on PLU's Web site.

And in continuing Technology Initiative news . . .

Adding buildings and classrooms to the campus network
The network infrastructure is nearly complete. This past year fiber-optics were extended to most of the buildings on the campus periphery, and in 1998-99 access will be provided for several more groups on East Campus and in Rosso House. And in addition to facilities already online in Rieke Science Center, the proposal will allow network connections in several key classrooms in Hauge, Ramstad, Ingram and Olson.

Upgrading administrative and academic computing resources
Computer upgrades will be completed for faculty and staff; the UC Mac Users room and Mac education classrooms; an administrative training center in the library; and academic assistance peer tutors. In addition, the installation of several more networked printers will give most faculty and staff access to laser printing.

Enhancement of multimedia capabilities
Three computer projection systems will be purchased: one on a cart for mobile use throughout Olson, and one ceiling-mounted model each in Hauge 101 and Math 112. (The system currently in Math will be moved to a Memorial Gym classroom, where it will be more appropriate for smaller classes.) Also slated for purchase is a satellite dish, to allow access to live or recorded materials not available via videotape or commercial broadcasts. These programs could be distributed around campus through the existing campus television cable system.

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