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Great Ideas from Class Representatives

In 1997, David Johnson '74 began an electronic mail list for his class. There are now 25 classmates on the list. Through the list they've helped lost friends reestablish relationships. They've learned who married whom, whose kids are doing wonderfully and about various careers. They've also shared the sorrow of loved ones' deaths, divorces and unfulfilled dreams, "Having contact with people we knew in our younger days and who shared some of our experiences has been terrific. I don't remember everyone who is on the list, but my old Saga has been helpful. Through it all, it's fun to see how many people are proud to be Lutes and who still enjoy the PLU connection," said Johnson.
      Following is a list of members who gave Johnson permission to include their names in Scene: Steve Appelo, Marni (Bailey) Engh, Brian A. Berg, Rebecca Franko, Thomas Heavey Sr., David E. Johnson, Allyson (Ko) Reed, Kathy Keele, Christian Larsen, Arden J. Olson, Serni Solidarios, Vickie (Stewart) Tuvey, Chesada (Paul) Thamavit, Kathryn Toepel, Ron Turley, Ron Tuvey and Don Wilson.
      The members not listed did not give permission to be included. "It's important to protect people's privacy," Johnson explained.
      You can add your name to the list and receive the addresses of other members by contacting Johnson at dejohnson@csupomona.edu. He asks that "newbies" include a paragraph or so about what's been happening in their lives. Following are some examples of recent correspondence.
  • Brian Berg, who used to write for the Mooring Mast, giving a series of trivia questions about various performers who had come to campus in the '70s.
  • John Denver's death brought a lot of e-mail messages as his concert at PLU was recalled.
  • During football season, Tom Heavey would pass along articles from the The News Tribune about Lute football.

      With the 25th reunion coming in 1999, it is hoped that more classmates will add themselves to this list.

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