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Young men and fire
Hiking with ghosts along a literary trail

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PLU's own elected to Congress

PLU, technology and the World Wide Web

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PLU Parents Council

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The Sciences - Naturally
Recognizing the importance of the breakthroughs in the natural sciences to our everyday lives, Pacific Lutheran Scene has devoted its cover story to exploring the many facets of PLU's natural sciences program.
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Carol (Quarterman '89) Kummerle battles back from cancer

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Homecoming '98 scrapbook

Alumni board reports on a successful year

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Lute Jerstad '58, an Everest hero, dies

Sports Roundup

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Arts and Events Calendar

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O N   T H E   C O V E R
University Photographer Chris Tumbusch captured Biology Professor Mike Crayton sampling plankton from American Lake on a beautiful, warm day in mid-September.


A Harstad by any other name...might be the wrong Harstad

Tjodgjei Harstad and his family The Scene editorial staff has learned something important about running captions with old photos: be sure to check with any living relatives of the people pictured before matching a name with a face.
     Isabel (Harstad '46) Watness politely informed us that the photo we ran of Mr. and Mrs. [Bjug] Harstad and daughter in the Fall 1998 issue was actually Tjodgjei Harstad (Bjug's older brother by five years) and his family.
     "I saw those two canes and thought, 'Alaska must have been really hard on Grandpa,'" laughed Watness, who realized our mistake and called us soon after. Thanks Isabel, and thanks also to the other members of the Harstad family who contacted us.

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