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Bernie Zimmermann Another star
By Bernie Zimmermann '02

"Today it seems like the political character of our nation has deteriorated, but perhaps that is only the media at work. It really makes no difference to me."

Zimmermann, a sophomore studying computer science, examines the role the media plays in shaping our views of the president. He also questions how real or relevant these impressions are to Americans. (essay written December 1998)

Erin Hess You gave light to this world . . .
By Erin Hess '97

"In the lace-lined casket, Inga wore a delicate wreath of flowers around her head and the same maroon dress she had worn three months earlier at her graduation."

Hess recently returned to her hometown of Boise, Idaho, from Peace Corps duty, teaching English to high school students in Eastern Latvia. Through the death of a promising student, she reminds us to recognize the unique beauty and potential in all types of people - and to let them know how we feel. (essay written September 1998)

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